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Karen Worth : On Education (1)

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Karen Worth works at the Education Development Center, Inc (EDC) in Newton/Massachusetts and at Wheelock College in Boston. She studied biology, was a teacher of young children and continues to work as a teacher-developer both with aspiring teachers and teachers in the classroom. She is also a curriculum developer of programs in the United States o briefly in Africa. Her interest is in the "power of children's thinking" about the natural and the social world and how they can profit at a very early age from "inquiry based learning" in elementary science. She participated in the development of the National Science Education Standards. The list of her publications includes the book "Worms, Shadows and Whirlpools", written together with Sharon Grollman (2003) and Insights : An Elementary Inquiry Based Hands-On Curriculum. She has been honored for her work in many places and in 2006 received the prestigious French PuRkwa-award. In this first part (of 3) of the interview Karen Worth explains her thinking about children's learning and its basis in their need to make sense of the world and make it predictable. She suggests that the role of the educator is to gently structure and focus that need while gradually transferring the responsibility for learning to the individual . She underlines the necessity of being explicit and guiding children to put into words their thoughts, understanding, and the thinking processes. 16'

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